ICON are the elite, terribad raiding guild. 1%-ers we may be (which 1% we won't say), but we always welcome recruits who can nerf 30% and/or pull at random moments.  Our guild luminaries are a virtual scrub Mt. Rushmore: Darkwolf, who needs to be carried on a  critter run; Anni, who is routinely killed by "princess"; Carrerra, voted most experienced living n00b (2009-present); and Gaywon, whose "milk brings all the boys to the table" (no comment).  And then there's Jon.  What can we say about Jon.  Actually, the first rule of ICON is we do not talk about Jon (this is not a Fight club reference but is via court order, btw - he cannot set foot in the state of Nebraska... for good reason).

Who says capability is an asset?  Do you lack some je ne sais quoi? Can't stack for sh... I mean anything? Like to use arcane explosion (like, alot alot)?  Tired of organized raids not feeling like a pug run with an Oklahoma meth head, an incontinent Guiness "heaviest man" record holder with narcolepsy, a 6th grader who likes to challenge you to duels during the boss, and a pet lizard that fell on the mouse?

Then welcome.

"iustus in eam propter adipem invadas praedam"*
*(Just in it for the fat lootz)